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POLINI flexible orientable intake pipe, at 70 ° for PWK on THOR engine or adaptation (PEUGEOT 103, MBK 51 ...)


POLINI pipe for THOR engine or adaptation on PEUGEOT 103 / MBK 51 requiring an elbow admission!

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POLINI adjustable and flexible intake pipe for THOR engine with PWK carburetor from 24mm to 30mm diameter (Ø35mm fixing). Angled at 70 °. This intake pipe can be re-drilled at AM6 / DERBI centers for installation on MALOSSI or POLINI engine crankcases with RRD adaptation wedge on PEUGEOT 103 and MBK 51, very practical on machines where space is limited such as MBK 51, PEUGEOT 103 SPX, RCX, MVX, CLIP ...

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Reference: 02 6238B


Intake pipe for MALOSSI Ø20.8 by 24mm housings (PHBG) for all 103

A pipe specially designed for MALOSSI housings. It is very short with good diffusion, micro-blasted and with horizontal bars to avoid any gas rebounds. Clearly a very well worked pipe which will be accompanied by a VL6 valve box or other AM6 valve and a 21mm carburetor.

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Shipping in 1-3 days
Shipping in 1-3 days