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MALOSSI undoubtedly the Italian brand of adaptable parts, racing, circuit, run ... The performance and quality incarnate!

MALOSSI for us is undoubtedly the best brand of engine components for our little 2 wheels ... At MALOSSI there is always quality, ultra-specific products, unusual, passion ... For many years MALOSSI manufactures excellent rooms, they study, make, produce, improve ... while inside their huge factory bologna italy. MALOSSI offers something for all tastes, from simple small cast iron cylinder 50cc, small kit carburetion, exhaust approved small ... to ride every day until TEAM BIG BORE on ranges and powerful for the competition, there even finds exhaust lines and other camshafts for Yamaha TMAX 500cc or large diameter kits for HONDA CBR 125cc ... They clearly have a huge catalog of products .... air filters by hundreds through the crankshafts drives, exhausts MALOSSI ... When we selected we put the price because we want the quality, reputation ...

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The history of MALOSSI:

The society Malossi Spa was founded in 1930 by Armando Malossi, born in Granarolo dell'Emilia 5 April 1905 to a farming family, the last of nine brothers. Since childhood, Armando showed great interest in mechanics and engines and, to deepen his knowledge, he began his work early in the manufacturing and engineering companies in Bologna and Milan after.

In Milan he worked in Caproni institutions, company, at that time, in the vanguard in the aviation sector, when he returned to Bologna, he found a job in institutions of F.lli Maserati, racing cars builders. His strong and enterprising character was induced to start an activity in their account as craftsman repairing motorcycles and bicycles, as well as manufacturer of these.

In 1946 the first-born son, Ugo Malossi, joins the company assuming the general direction in 1957. Ugo Malossi itself will act the turning point that will completely change the company from a simple repair to the construction of special parts for motorcycles.

In 1958 Ugo Malossi founded Malossi company and began production of the first 76 lines of products that the company can boast today, these accessories for carburetors: air filters and intake pipes increased to increase engine power.

In 1969 it was the turn of the younger Sandro Malossi who drives Marketing of the company and is responsible for overseeing all sports competitions.

In 1986 Andrea and Alessandra Malossi, Ugo son and grand-son of the founder, enter the administration Recommend with spots of responsibility: Andrea assumed the technical management and commercial management Alessandra.

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MALOSSI society today:

Malossi spa leadership in the production of special racing parts for scooters and motorcycles has its bases on different reasons: the experience that comes from 70 years of uninterrupted activity, the great passion for motorcycles that brings three generation of this family and finally one absolute imperative: quality and technology before everything!

The motto of this company is summed up in few words: always better!

The Malossi strong point is to be able to hold without calling out a complete production cycle, from research and project to the construction of molds and work with robots to arrive for testing in test facilities, test benches and chemical laboratories and metrology.

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The philosophy of the company Malossi has always focused on product quality, its main objective, which can be reached only through the professionalism of the technicians and workers, technology at the forefront, with the machines of last generation, the stringent checks, with a product completely Made in Italy and, not least, even the serene atmosphere and active collaboration that among staff, suppliers and customers in their entirety.

Those are the fundamental points and inalienable which allow the company to face the future with confidence.

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