Terms and conditions of use

These General Conditions are drawn up and valid in French only, the official language in LUXEMBOURG, BELGIUM and FRANCE, which the customer declares to fully understand, regardless of his country of residence! They are translated into ENGLISH and SPANISH but we decline the responsibility for the automatic translation which can contain many errors.

Art 1. Acceptance of the General Conditions

The Customer declares to have been able to access the General Conditions from the website www.rrd-preparation.com, to have read them, to have understood the terms and to accept them without limitations or reservations. Any generally unspecified stipulations emanating from the Customer or a third party are unenforceable against the company Redureau Racing Design except with the express written acceptance of the latter.

Art 2. Tariffs

2.1 The prices indicated on the website www.rrd-preparation.com are expressed in euros, all taxes included (TTC / vat 17% since 2016), the shipping costs which are the responsibility of the customer are not included in the displayed prices. Shipping costs will be entered in the basket and before ordering. The new European laws obliging it, the VAT can now be applied according to the country of residence / order / reception of the customer. For example, a French customer ordering from France, will see a VAT of 20% and not 17% on his invoice.

2.2 The items ordered are invoiced at the rate of VAT in force at the time of invoicing according to the country of residence / reception of the customer.

2.3 The company Redureau Racing Design reserves the right to modify the prices at any time. However, the products ordered by the Customer will be invoiced at the rate in effect at the time the order was validated by the Customer even if the article is not in stock (available) until later.

Art 3. Offers

3.1 The offers displayed on the Site are exclusively reserved for private end consumers. The customer agrees not to order items from the Site for professional or other than private needs. However, professional customers are still welcome to apply for pro accounts.

3.2 The offers displayed on the website (www.rrd-preparation.com) are valid as long as they appear on the site and subject to the availability of the products concerned at Redureau Racing Design (www.rrd-preparation.com)

3.3 The offers displayed on the site are intended exclusively for customers residing in the territories of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany and countries other than REDUREAU RACING DESIGN dessert. Redureau Racing Design reserves the right to refuse the order when the Customer's address or the delivery address is not located in the territories of the countries that REDUREAU RACING DESIGN can, or wishes to serve.

3.4 Redureau Racing Design (www.rrd-preparation.com) reserves the right to modify the offers displayed on the site at any time.

3.5 The order confirmation mentioned in article 5 will provide information, where applicable, on the unavailability of the items ordered. The customer may also be informed, at the choice of Redureau Racing Design, by email, telephone or post, as soon as possible. The order for unavailable items will then be put on hold or canceled as of right and without prior notice, according to the procedure referred to in article 5. Any sum paid by the Customer will then be returned to him in cash or in "credit" valid. on the site, as soon as possible without any interest being claimed by the Customer. Redureau Racing Design cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences linked to the cancellation of the order.

3.6 Redureau Racing Design will choose the mode of reimbursement of the amounts due to the Customer by transfer or directly to his bank card by CIC PAYMENT if the customer paid by card (less complex because no time limit or costs), possibly by bank transfer . A credit note valid on the rrd-preparation.com site can also be made.

Art 4. Conclusion of the contract

4.1 In order to access the Site (www.rrd-preparation.com) and to be able to place an order, the Customer must create an account according to the procedure described when creating the account.

4.2 The offer made by Redureau Racing Design can only be considered as having been accepted by the Customer to the extent that the latter has placed an order in accordance with the procedure.

4.3 When the order has been validated by the Customer in accordance with the procedure. Redureau Racing Design will immediately send an order confirmation to the Customer. The sales contract will be deemed concluded when the order confirmation has been made available to the Customer.

Art 5. Delivery

5.1 The items ordered will be delivered to the delivery address as provided by the C

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