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Intake pipe for MALOSSI Ø20.8 by 24mm housings (PHBG) for all 103

02 6238B

A pipe specially designed for MALOSSI housings. It is very short with good diffusion, micro-blasted and with horizontal bars to avoid any gas rebounds. Clearly a very well worked pipe which will be accompanied by a VL6 valve box or other AM6 valve and a 21mm carburetor.

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MALOSSI intake pipe with internal diameter 20.8mm and external 24mm, for MALOSSI Peugeot 103 casings regardless of the model. Very good design because in aluminum, very short, well diffused, micro-blasting and horizontal bars at the outlet in order to avoid any gas rebounds. It tightened to adapt with original valves VL6 MALOSSI or any valves of MINARELLI am6 which go without problem on these casings.

Know that if you want to put a carburetor bigger than 21mm or even an admission in male carburetor and flexible female pipe, you can put in place of this pipe, certain pipe of MINARELLI am6 of any male or female diameter aluminum or rubber.

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02 6238B
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