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Valve box Ø 19mm POLINI (pipe+box+valves) Peugeot 103 sp, mvl, lm, ...
  • Valve box Ø 19mm POLINI (pipe+box+valves) Peugeot 103 sp, mvl, lm, ...

Valve box Ø 19mm POLINI (pipe + box + valves) Peugeot 103 sp, mvl, lm, ...


The famous POLINI valve box greatly improves the admission, ideal accompanied by a PHBG carburetor in 17 to 21mm rigid!

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For all your Peugeot 103 sp, mv, mvl, lm… equipped with original casings, to improve your admission there are the famous POLINI valve boxes. This valve box in combination with a suitable carburetor will promote gas passage, power and recovery without adding too much dead volume in the intake.

Indeed, on Peugeot 103 the admission, the original valves are really badly made and badly studied, they enter very quickly in frequency of vibrations not tightened only because of how they are placed.

This box will therefore be much better placed, it passes through 2 very good quality 0.30mm carbon slats in order to have a much better curve. You can also add the article vulcanized valve box to further increase the performance of your moped. This complete POLINI valve box will especially save you in high speeds. We advise to remove the stops slats on this box, they really obstruct the admission too much.

This box is 19mm in size so intended for Ø17.5 to 21mm DELLORTO PHBG rigid carburetors (24mm fixing)

Between the 15 and 19mm model, only the pipe changes. You could very well make pass a 15 in 19 and vice versa.


The pack is delivered complete :

-Extension box

-Full screws

-Pack full seal

-Valves 2 slats 0.30mm carbon

-Pipe rigid aluminum in 19mm
- Explanatory notice, advice and assembly

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