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Carburettor DELLORTO PHBG 18 flexible BS, without separated greasing, choke with lever
  • Carburettor DELLORTO PHBG 18 flexible BS, without separated greasing, choke with lever

POLINI CP 19 flexible carburettor, with separate greasing, cable or lever choke with the choices


A very good high quality carburetor at a low price, with separate greasing and vacuum plugs! Choice of cable or lever choke!

Shipping in 1-3 days


Here is the standard basic version of the 19mm type CP from POLINI MOTORI, it is a high performance carburetor, 100% made in Italy and not in China, high quality which is also easier to adjust!

carburateur polini 19mm moto scooter mobylette

This version is therefore the standard, it has a separate greasing socket and a socket for the vacuum, its choke is a cable model with lever pull to choose from.

carburateur polini montage souple 19 diamètre puissance couple vitesse

Basically, when we start with a POLINI CP carburetor, we already know that we are buying a much lighter carburetor than a DELLORTO, with a much better worked anti-emulsion, an aluminum tank always, an extra ordinary finish, easier settings, an excellent anti-leak needle float system, ...

cuve flotteur réglage carburateur polini cp 19mm Ø moto scooter cyclomoteur 50cc 80cc 70cc

This version is a superb basis for equipped or original well released engines with a racing exhaust, it is easy to adjust and will be perfect for engines operating speeds up to 13,000 maximum! For very driven engines that push very high, an EVOLUTION version exists!
You can modify it to your liking with all the adjustment accessories that we sell, large diameter tulips also exist for the installation of large inlet filters and improve the venturi effect!

entrée d'air carbu polini cp 19mm starter a cable depression scooter montage run compétition

A tank with cap is also available for faster adjustment. The bushel is a D / 24mm, cut 30 °, nozzle 90. The needle is a CP 14 22, one after well in 17 -19! You will understand, it is a resolutely sporty carburetor with a really nice price! 2 shutters are delivered to you if you do not want to use the sockets!

entrée pipe fixation diamètre carburateur polini 19mm cp coaxiale


Summary of settings and options :
Options: caps under the tank, special machining, large diameter tulip and adjustments

Ø19mm and Ø22mm outlet (competition conical machining)

Assembly: Flexible for pipe diameter 25mm level fixing
Starter: cable or lever to choose from
Depression or separate lubrication: Yes and yes
Main jet: POLINI CP 90
Needle: CP 14 22
Secondary jet: POLINI 40

Bushel diameter 24mm cut 30 °
Parts after needle well 2.7-19

Richness: moderately tight and loose 0.5 turns (half of a turn)

Air filter Ø46mm without tulip

For 6mm diameter fuel hose (or 5 forcing)

Needle clips in the middle on 5 notches

dimenssions taille carburateur POLINI CP
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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POLINI CP carburettor

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