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BLUESTAR Silicones CAF 1 red joint clip 100 grams
  • BLUESTAR Silicones CAF 1 red joint clip 100 grams

BLUESTAR Silicones CAF 1 red joint paste 100 grams


A low viscosity paste which will allow you a perfect sealing of your engine. This paw is often used by professionals.

Attention, may require a delay of more than 20 days!


The CAF 1 joint paste from the BLUESTAR Silicones brand is a high thermal resistance adhesive joint lug, it is widely used in the world of cars, motorcycles, mopeds and many other areas it is very good quality and will be suitable for many applications, it is differentiated by a red color, here are these properties:


Flexible adhesive with high thermal resistance and high
adhesion for assembly and sealing

Description CAF 1 is a one-component silicone elastomer
crosslinking at room temperature

Variable rheology, from self-leveling to fluid, ranging from CAF 1 to CAF 1 Extra Fluid.

Applications CAF 1 is mainly used in the fields of
sealing and bonding when applications require low viscosity

CAF 1 is used in particular for :
- Engine sealing in automotive after-sales service (CAF 1).
-General maintenance in aeronautics (CAF 1).

Advantages CAF 1 has a fast crosslinking speed and a very
good resistance to high temperatures.

The CAF 1 thus makes it possible to guarantee a perfect assembly and
complete sealing when grouting different materials subjected to thermal stresses.
CAF 1 also exhibits great resistance to chemical agents.

Characteristics 1 - Processing / Crosslinking

1.1 Implementation :

The implementation is particularly easy, because the products are delivered ready for use.
Application can be done manually or using robotic dispensing equipment.
The CAF 1 is placed on one of the two joint planes.
Assembly must be carried out before the product has formed a skin.
It is recommended to apply CAF 1 on clean surfaces
and dry.

1.2 Crosslinking :

The crosslinking of CAF 1 begins as soon as the product is in contact
with atmospheric humidity.
Skin formation time *, min, approx ... .................................... 7
Time required to crosslink 2 mm *, hours, approx ................... 6
Cured thickness after 24 h *, mm, approx .................................. 4.3

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Price €33.33
Caution requires a delay of more than 20 days
Caution requires a delay of more than 20 days