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kit of 4 sheets 20 X 15cm, multi-thickness 150°C paper joint board for cars, mécaboites, scooters, mobs, etc. to be cut


Kit of four 150°C paper seal sheets, different thicknesses included.

Shipping in 1-3 days


Here is a very good pack from P2R , a very high quality joint sheet kit. Ideal for cutting joints of all types. Sheets of 20 X 15cm. Resistance 150°C. Paper.

The package consists of :

-1 sheet of 20X15 cm of joint paper BA55 0.15mm resistance 150°C

-2 sheets of 20 x 15 cm of various joint paper BA55 0.25 mm resistance 150°C

-1 sheet of 20 x 15 cm of various joint paper 0.50 mm resistance 150°C

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