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Carburetor + flexible PWK 21 sleeve choke lever without separate greasing


A KEHIN copy with POWER JET at a low price, a real saving.

Shipping in 1-3 days


Attention sleeve and nozzle not delivered!


The new PWK carburetor propsé by the French brand CGN, a copy of the KEIHIN carburettors with cheap POWER JET and of correct quality for such a low price! This carburetor is therefore like all copies made in Asian countries, a correct entry level!


Photo du carburateur de 21mm pwk avec power jet pour moto scooter


It has a correct finish! It has the powerjet: a system that allows enrichment for a better gas mixture has more than 3/4 bushel opening. Its intake tulip is specifically designed to offer the best performance and precision, especially on recovery like all PWKs. Like other PWK type carburetors, this model features a lightweight die-cast aluminum alloy body.


Photo du carburateur de 21mm pwk avec power jet pour moto scooter


The bushel is flat, this very short carburetor therefore has a very good engine response, ideal especially on bar exhausts. This carburetor has a socket for vacuum valves, you don't have to use it.


Photo de la vue eclaté du carburateur de 21mm Pwk


The pre-settings (needle / well / jets ...) are very good for powerful engines and several adjustment jets are delivered with (however small downside, no size indicated, you have to be content to look at the size at the eye and the color of the candle ...). Clearly, this carburetor has a great price because it is also delivered with its flexible sleeve and jets worth around 15 €!


-Ø of the tulip (for air filter): 50mm
-Ø for flexible sleeve or pipe: 35mm
-Socket for depression: yes but not compulsory

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