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DELLORTO PHBG 21 AS rigid carburettor, choke cable


The rigid and cable choke version of the 21mm DELLORTO PHBG! Idle and richness screw on the left of the machine!

Attention, may require a delay of more than 20 days


If you want to maintain low consumption while having more performance than with an SHA or other model for endurance or the road, for example, the PHBG model will be a very good compromise. This low-cost carburettor is of very high quality and has a multitude of adjustments: richness screw, idle jet, needle valve... It is rigidly mounted with a cable choke. Compared to the SHA carburettor, this model is much more precise, efficient on recovery, acceleration and peak speed. This model does not have separate lubrication.

The carburettor is delivered as such:
Standard small pitch main jet: 100
Needle W3
Needle well AU 262
Idle jet 50
Choke jet 60
Chrome bushel

Filter diameter: M32X1.25

Pipe connection diameter 24mm

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