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Air kit 50cc d.39mm MALOSSI G1 replica aluminum MBK 51 / motobecane av10
  • Air kit 50cc d.39mm MALOSSI G1 replica aluminum MBK 51 / motobecane av10

Kit 50cc air MALOSSI G1 replica d.39mm aluminum MBK 51 / av10 motobecane

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The real G1 replica kit for MBK 51, aluminum oval exhaust, intake 6 transfers, great ration torque / power in charts! High quality manufacturing.

Engine preparation
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The G1 replica kit is a copy of the true GR1, obviously much slower than the real competition! The real G1 (GR1) competition features a forged piston mono segment, an exhaust boosters, a decompressor output eliminated ... This kit is a copy made ​​for the road is solid, the exhaust boosters was replaced by normal exhaust, the piston is a model bi segment chrome domed hard, this bi segment slowed ample high speed and helps the couple, wear is much less intense. The piston is slightly reopened on the back to encourage scanning.

The cylinder is made ​​of high-quality aluminum and nykasil Treaty, the bore is 39mm as the origin so it develops a capacity of 50cc, it has 6 transfers and a normal exhaust. The kit or what is very significant is that it preserves the form of transfers to the base and the ducts of true GR1.

So transfers increased on the front, this shape really offers maximum performance, you will of course align your housing has this kit. This kit is really very powerful, solid, it shall offer you a very good torque and good enough high speeds, the diagrams are well served. We suggest asking the proper cylinder head also available here. We regret only that there is no more attached to the skis perform (you can ask the seals base of G2R / GR2)

We recommend at least:
carburation 17,5mm, bearings and reinforced crankshaft, racing exhaust.

The pack contains:

Bi piston segment d.39mm

2 d.39mm segments

Piston pin Ø13mm + 2 piston clips (axis rushes) C d.13mm

6 cylinder transfers G1 replica 50cc aluminum d.39mm

Pack complete joint



Spare parts for MALOSSI G1 replica kit:



Axis + clips


Clips G

Optional we offer a preparation course 1, this preparation is a modification of the exhaust port by increasing the charts and improvement of the duct, it increases the cylinder performance. Improved bottom skirt is also included in the amendment. Allow a little extra time for this preparation!


Here are some pictures of the version prep:


kit malossi g1 mbk 51 av10


kit malossi g1 mbk 51 av10

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