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Carburetor DELLORTO VHST 28 BS racing red soft edition choke lever without separate lubrication or depression (starter offer)
  • Carburetor DELLORTO VHST 28 BS racing red soft edition choke lever without separate lubrication or depression (starter offer)

Carburettor DELLORTO VHST 28 BS Racing Red Edition flexible choke lever without separate greasing or depression


The ultimate version of VHST carburettors, special Racing RED EDITION series! Model VHST 28 BS.

Attention, may require a delay of more than 20 days


Here is the new version of the VHST carburettor, after the success of the PHBG Racing black edition carburettors, DELLORTO could not remain without releasing the racing version of the flat bushel VHST. This red version is improved and has all the options to please besides her pretty red dress.

Obviously, it is not a replica but a real carburetor from DELLORTO. This model therefore takes a racing configuration like a well in HE269, a main jet of 142, a starter jet of 53, an idle jet in 60, a needle in D41. With this basic configuration, this carburetor is clearly intended for hyper racing configurations with large diagrams ...

The fixing at the level of the pipe is preserved in Ø36mm, moreover the fixing for air filter remains in Ø49mm. This carburetor is obviously devoid of socket for separate lubrication or depression. The finish is obviously exemplary on these models!

Apart from that, it is a carburetor with a flat bushel and a lever choke which offers excellent pick-up while maintaining very good high revs. It offers a lot of precision with great ease of adjustment.

It will be really ideal on hyper racing configurations because if you take for example the 28 BS standard reference 93561, it will be very hard to adapt it to an ultra powerful motor without changing the needle well, needle, jets… This carburetor will help you. therefore offers the certainty of being configured for racing, efficient, well finished ... Another part that risks raging on competitions, runs ...



Summary :

-Ø of the carburetor: 28mm


-Ø of fixing on pipe or flexible sleeve: Ø36mm

-Ø for air filter: Ø49mm

Delivered configured with the following elements and parameters :

-Main jet: 134

- Idle jet: 36

-Choke jet: 80

- Needle: D size 56

- Needle well: AQ size 269

-Bush: 45

- Needle: CPL 300

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