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Carburettor 28 mm PWK P2R PREMIUM flexible, without separate lubrication, lever choke with POWER JET


As surprising as it may be, it is a very good carburettor with a top finish for a very affordable price.

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You will most certainly be surprised to see the KEIHIN PWK type with us… It's not too much the kind of house by habit, however here, the product is really of high quality and had its place here.

We will obviously not tell you that this product is manufactured at KEIHIN and even less that it is identical to the real KEIHIN, like all copies it is manufactured in Asian countries, but the quality is really present unlike many copies , we will explain and prove it to you along the description and photos.

First of all the base, we were amazed at the finish brought to this piece, but also amazed at the quality of the aluminum or the screws. Whether machining / molding or assembly, the finish is really perfect.

The entry of the carburettor is well studied according to the phenomenon of venturi, this entry is machined in the rules of the art, it makes a diameter of 50mm. The body is machined very cleanly all the way.
The fixing diameter on the pipe side is Ø35mm (to be installed with a sleeve of internal Ø35mm or a flexible female pipe internal Ø35mm).

The bushel is in chromed aluminum, very well finished on the pipe side, so to speak perfect, a very slight lack of finish on the air filter side, barely perceptible to the eye... The power jet entered is indeed a real power jet with a nozzle, it is therefore adjustable and very active. The nozzle can easily be changed by simply removing the cap under the tank!

To remove the tank, only 2 simple Phillips screws. Underneath it is a simple jet like Keihin hexagonal. The entire interior of the carburettor is removable. The needle, the type of bushel and the jets are really well studied, and the perfect finish...

What more can be said! That it is an excellent carburettor, very well studied, which is even better finished than many big brand carburettors... That with its 28mm diameter, its presets, its power jet and its flat bushel it will be suitable for very equipped engines especially those that have a cylinder with bar exhaust.

For the main jets we recommend the POLINI . As and when, spare parts and adjustments will come to the site.

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