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Main Jet for DELLORTO Big Pitch Carburetor, 6mm Thread, 8mm Length, Genuine (INC Certified)
  • Main Jet for DELLORTO Big Pitch Carburetor, 6mm Thread, 8mm Length, Genuine (INC Certified)

Jet principal for carburettor DELLORTO large step, net 6mm, length 8mm, genuine (certified Inc)


Size available 51 240! Sprinklers with INC certified scale to have an as accurate as possible carburetor adjustment. So no loss of power and especially a motor strength at the top.

Shipping in 1-3 days


Introduction: The carburetor is paramount on the 2-stroke engine, which is why the team RRD decided to sell only genuine INC sprinkler certified / engraved by DELLORTO certainly more expensive but it has been proven by various tests that the nozzles (adaptable, copies ...) create a power loss, bad starts, not age well, offer poor performance, the numbers are sometimes unreadable, poor machining adapting evil forms of needles ... true dellorto sprinklers are engraved INC, proof of quality, durability and performance. They use a specific pattern machining, the best metals and the best machines. Thank you for your understanding.

We recommend tuning the engine only once honed as it takes full throttle and push the engine in the towers. For break, you better go up a little bit bigger to lubricate the engine.

Description: The main jet comes into action all the time except at idle, is its size which defines the amount of gasoline that will blend looks, giving the carburetor: the gas mixture, of course, a carburetor biggest possible to take more air so getting fatter nozzle and therefore, more gas mixture = better filling and more performance. Ditto for the air filter, filter taking more air = larger nozzle and therefore more gas mixture for performance.

These big jets not be mounted on the carburetors dellorto (DELL'ORTO): OVC PHBE, PHBH, PHBL, PHBN, PHF, PHM, PHSB, PHVA, PHVB, SHB 25 VHSA, VHSB, VHSB Racing VHSC, VHSG, VHSH ...

The nozzle adjustment is critical in controlling a motor is determined by him your power and longevity. As soon as you change any item, check its settings. To solve it you will first adjust the idling jet and nearly set the wealth tighten thoroughly wealth screw (with great moderation) then loosen ¼ see 1.5 rounds towers. For the needle must be notched banal to the middle. Then start with a normal spray and a cold-type spark plug NGK B8 and B9, DENSO grade 27 or even origin for testing. We can not repeat enough that the candle too cold B10 do not offer a good enough car for cleaning quickly and correctly perform carburetion settings!


PHBL 26 BS start with a nozzle 125
PHBL 24 BS start with a nozzle 105
PHBH 26 BS start with a nozzle 128
VHSH 30mm CS start with a nozzle 175

This varied according to the airbox, engine, horn ...
So on, generally new carburetors are delivered with the proper nozzle at the beginning. After your short test ride, check the color of your candle.

WHITE OR GREY = Nozzle too small because the engine takes too much air and too much can fuel: risk of tightening

BRICK / BROWN / CHOCOLATE / ORANGE = excellent gas mixture / durability and power

BLACK / GRAS = Nozzle too large: risk gumming / power loss

Select the desired size before buying, stocks are listed next to each nozzle size. RRD today offers up sprinkler 51 240 for large carburetors!

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