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Set of 2 competition camshafts MALOSSI POWER CAM for YAMAHA TMAX 500cc
  • Set of 2 competition camshafts MALOSSI POWER CAM for YAMAHA TMAX 500cc

Set of 2 MALOSSI POWER CAM competition camshafts for YAMAHA TMAX 500cc


MALOSSI competition camshaft (AAC). Huge gain in power !!!

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Attention, these camshafts are mounted only on the Ø66mm MALOSSI piston set reference 3413706 for original cylinder or MALOSSI Ø70mm cylinder / piston reference 3113666.

You dreamed of it… MALOSSI thought it, worked on and presented it for a long time…

Here is the set of two MALOSSI camshafts named POWER CAM SUPER T-MAX. The camshaft is the most important part of the 4-stroke engine in terms of timing and exhaust. It is the camshafts that are entrusted with the management of the opening and closing of the intake valves for supplying the combustion chamber as well as the opening and closing of the exhaust valves for the evacuation of burnt gases.


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The Double Power Cam Malossi have been developed in order to obtain an optimal and progressive increase in power if they are fitted to high compression Malossi pistons for the original cylinder or exponentially if they are fitted to the 560cc Malossi twin cylinder . Malossi has thought of both carburetor vehicles and injection vehicles: each model, first or second series, can indeed boast of a gain in power if they are fitted with the Double Power Cam Malossi. The Malossi Double Power Cams are the result of a long and meticulous project in the MALOSSI test room.


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The industrial production process has scrupulously followed the specifications imposed by the technical department. From the choice of materials through the use of latest generation CNCs with very high precision, to thermochemical treatments and finally, to adjustment and assembly tests.

Malossi SPA, a company that has always been at the service of high quality.

Technical characteristics :


-Camshaft controlling the exhaust valves
-Camshaft controlling the intake valves

In super bonded steel, case hardened, hardened, nitrided and rectified with recalculated, increased and re-profiled lobes.

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