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Pair of adjustable shock absorbers YSS length 320mm Monkey, moped MBK 51, PEUGEOT 103...


Incomparable with low-end shock absorbers, YSS shock absorbers are simple but adjustable and very qualitative!

Requires a delay of more than 20 days!


Genuine YSS quality shock absorbers, not to be confused with low price shock absorbers on the market, machined cast aluminum base, high quality spring, adjustable in hardness, materials of good quality and finish to the height for a good shock absorber and a very increased lifespan compared to low-end shock absorbers.

320mm, delivered with spacers to go from 12mm to 10mm screws.

Suitable for vehicles :

Competition machines 50cc G1, G2, G3, OMEGA , MISTRAL, BILDALOT RS...

Mounting on PEUGEOT 103, MBK 51, PUCH MAXI, SACHS...

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