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Kit of spy joints ATHENA complete (11 parts) for motorcycle HONDA CRE F, X, R. 450cc from 2002 to 2015


An ideal spy seal kit for a safe refurbishment of your 4T cross engine!

Shipment within 1 to 3 days


Here is the complete spi joint package ATHENA for your cross bike equipped with a 4T engine ATHENA. 


Ideal for the refurbishment of your engine without risk any leakage / air intake.


These joints ATHENA are of high quality certified.


They allow excellent sealing, less friction and excellent life.

Get on:


HONDA CRE F R 450 cc 2005/2008

HONDA CRE MOTARD 450 cc 2002/2010

HONDA CRE X IE 450 cc 2007/2008

HONDA CRE X IE 490 cc 2007/2008

HONDA CRF R 450 cc 2002/2008

HONDA CRF X 450 cc 2005/2015

HONDA CRF X 450 cc 2017

HONDA CRF X 500 cc 2005/2009

HONDA CRM F R 450 cc 2005/2008

HONDA CRM X IE 450 cc 2007/2008

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