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Fuel DELLORTO PHBH 30 flexible cable starter with possibility separate greasing


A very good performance, easy to adjust and high quality carburettor

Attention, may require more than 20 days


Here is the PHBH BD carburetor from DELLORTO, it’s the biggest of all PHBH.. These models are highly renowned in competition, in addition to being inexpensive, they are reliable and especially very efficient, their finish and quality are unbeatable.

This PHBH 30mm is used in a body identical to Ø26/28mm. This model being the BD, it has a socket for separate greasing (you don’t have to use it) and a cable starter, its setting screws are right (they are left on the BS)

It is ultra efficient but also practical, for example the gicler is in the vat cap, to change it you just need to dismantle the vat cap. We will recommend this carburettor on the very large configurations that require high speed.



model: PHBH
Type: male
Carburetor diameter: Ø30mm
For engines: 2 time
Holding Ø side pipe: Ø36mm with machining for non-slip lip
Starter: cable
Air filter attachment Ø: Ø42mm
Separate groove: yes
Adjustable gasoline with filter for Ø8mm durite

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