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Daytime running lights BCD 6 white leds 6000K 15cm
  • Daytime running lights BCD 6 white leds 6000K 15cm

Daytime Running Lights (daytime) BCD 6 white LEDs 6000K 15cm


A set of 2 daytime running lights high quality, French brand BCD, mountable or hidden visual!

Attention, may require a delay of more than 20 days!


Finally the high-end range of daytime running lights, the French brand BCD just released a marvel of technology, high light output, color temperature 6000K white sublime, obviously resistant to water consumption 1.4W (operates on 12V adapter live without ...).

feux de jour a led bcd qualité voiture moto blanc 6000k

The lighting angle is 120 ° and the sublime performance. The tapes are very flexible so they can be placed anywhere. Yet another revolutionary advantage, the set of 2 DRL comes with a boss cut, the battery you can drill holes in front of the LEDs to ask these lights hidden! For example you want the day lights on your bumper or fascia but you really do not want to see that daytime running lights, just the light! In this case you set the pattern, drill a minimum of 4mm holes 6mm maximum, and you place the DRL has hidden using the supplied adhesive high performance! The two bands are supplied with adhesive 3M to ask the visual normally.

Set of 2 lights (daytime) has led BCD
Form: flexible tape, adhesive 6 leds
Light color: white 6000k temperature (ideal with xenon and LED night lights a)
Voltage: 12V
Consumption: 1.4W
Cable Length: 1m
The box contains a boss drill and a special double face to put in hidden fires!
Dimension of a band: 150mm X 10mm X 3mm

A place ideally connected to your pilot or additional switches, normally, daytime running lights are constantly lit in any case as soon as the vehicle is started, you can plug them into the fire but before the switch ( between ignition and headlight comodo). Or 12v output of your neman ...

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