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Lock locks LOCK FORCE F5 type padlock, class S.R.A (motorcycle, scooter, cyclo ...)


Massive, dissuasive and ultra efficient! A high-quality anti-theft device with its laser-cut keys, bag and cable Model 85 X 100mm!

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Efficient and dissuasive! Here is the lock RANGERS disc lock type significant padlock has its thick steel hook and fills, diameter 13mm. Attractive white and black aesthetic, it is a massive steel block resistant and effective against theft. Its steel hook is completely locked and locked in its system to ensure the safety of your 2 wheels.


Photo de l'antivol lock force f5 classe sra

An excellent way to prevent a theft and boarding of your two wheels provided you have positioned it at a good point of attachment. A small storage bag also comes with the disc lock to protect your material and store it, provided with a long anti-forgetting cable of fluo orange color. The top to ensure the safety of your 2 wheels.

Dimensions of the anti-theft device:

- 85 X 100mm

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