Engine oil 2-stroke MINARELLI Vertical

Engine oil 2-stroke MINARELLI Vertical
Here you will find all the oils for your 2-stroke engines, from simple inorganic to further oil 100% synthetic competition there is for all users! As a reminder, 2T oil is integrated into the engine mixture or separate lubrication, it is consumed and burned by the engine. Its role is to protect the mechanical parts together (bearings, cylinder / piston, crankshaft ...). How to select his 2T oil? Generally, do not necessarily look at the price, for the simple reason that to use a low-grade mineral oil, you have to put 4% while for a high-end 100% synthesis you need to use 2% or 2 times less oil. On a small motor home a few ample semi-synthetic oil suffice, however on engines that take very high speeds must be avoided that the oil is swept and blown, it must also avoid using an oil that not support the heater! RATIO OIL / GAS, be aware that any engine may not appreciate that we turn with a high percentage of oil, for the simple reason that when there is too much oil the engine risk one hand to erase (clogging) and become fat, so it takes a premature wear, in addition, the greater the percentage of oil, the higher the octane in gasoline drop, the more performance down. The top is simply to ride with an oil of very high quality 100% synthetic 2%.



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