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Italian exhaust manufacturer high quality and often approved for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters ... 2 and 4 stroke.

GIANNELLI is a large Italian company that manufactures in its own country exhausts for 2 and 4 stroke (motorcycle, scooter, moped ...). GIANNELLI is a registered affiliate of ARROW, they have strict quality criteria! GIANNELLI manufactures original type exhausts but also to exhausts RACING most qualified!

giannelli entreprise marque pot echappement moto scooter

It is clearly not ultra performance exhaust at home but their exhausts are high-end, solid and a little goes everywhere, they know walking on small and medium configuration as a merely unbridled engine! So they are excellent companions to ride every day!

A little history ... (source site GIANNELLI)

Since 1972 Giannelli was dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of exhaust systems for motorcycles on the road. This activity is born from the passion of Furio and Giorgio Giannelli who have combined technical competence and innovative spirit of their experience in motorcycle competitions. In January 2013, Giannelli was incorporated with the famous brand Arrow that made ​​the strongest brand Giannelli, with new business, and business opportunities and technological improvements. Giannelli distributes its products all over 50 countries worldwide.


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