Carburetor single motor scooter Horizontal MINARELLI liquid or air

Carburetor single motor scooter Horizontal MINARELLI liquid or air
Here you can find all single carburettors 50cc scooter with horizontal minarelli air or liquid! Attention carburetor must be well chosen at purchase! Prefer quality at low prices initially. Then, take the following parameters into account: 1-Do you need a HARD or SOFT carburetor (depending on your intake pipe), the flexible mounting can be with rigid pipe sleeve on the flexible mountings avoid emulsions and facilitate therefore adjustments, high performance 2 ... Do you need a depression? (Depending on your tap if there is a depression on / off, depression can also be put on the pipe) 3-Do you need the ability separate lubrication? (If you want to keep the latter, a decision can also be installed on the pipe) 4-carburetor What size do you need? Boisseau flat or round? Generally, flat bushel provide responsive faster engine (they are shorter), they are also much less simple to set on low speed, low rpm ... This is why we usually recommend these carburetors for competition only and they are rarely mounted on a road machine! They are generally recommended on cylinders with exhaust or exhaust valve has a bar for physical reasons. The round bushel can be also very very powerful! They are also generally more suited to low speeds, has low speed and simpler to adjust, they better without accompanying valve cylinder engine exhaust, exhaust with a booster or round / oval. So they work nicely handle the 1/4 open, making it super road carburetors that did not graze everything goes ... they are generally much less greedy than the carburettor has flat bushel (especially those of low quality) .



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