Exhaust, silencer, wool, replacement ... for DERBI euro 1 & 2

Exhaust, silencer, wool, replacement ... for DERBI euro 1 & 2
Here you will find all exhaust pipes and spare parts such as springs, fasteners, silencer (cartridge), rock wool or ceramic ... Clearly enough to make your bike quieter, more beautiful, more powerful, fast, coupleuse ... Whether you need a muffler or approved high performance only for the competition, run, ... you will certainly find your happiness and how to maintain it, the varnish ... How to choose the exhaust? Good questions to ask? 1-Wish An exhaust approved for the road or not? You should know that some exhaust mounts on several motorcycles, but have received the expensive approval certificate for riding on a motorcycle model! A muffler approved, although it has numbers engraved on his body and that you have his approval certificate loses its approval as soon as it is debrided (removed washer ...). 2-Do you want a high or low passage? A good question to ask on an enduro, super-motorcyclist have a ... 3-What configuration you? You should know that some exhaust such as Yasuni R3, FACTORY, MALOSSI MHR GP 80 and others only work well on large configuration, you must choose your muffler depending on your configuration! On an original bike, if you want to stay in the high quality that mounts alone without problems, so select the LEOVINCE V6, it is the best companion for an original motorcycle. 4-We must not be trapped, some vendors claim that the exhausts can be installed on all motorcycles, it must be very careful, as the exhaust Yasuni, TECNIGAS, BIDALOT ... said universal super-biker for example, not necessarily up on any motorcycle! Here in case of problems, we take your pot and finds a suitable solution with you that your bike has an appropriate and efficient exhaust! * A pot that talks! A high-performance exhaust does not mean noisy pot ... It's a very common misconception! Certainly for the high performance, the pot is empty, made in fine nick which generates resonance and devoid of all brides! However, with proper maintenance the pot should not make noise! * 1 On assembly, grease the elbow muffler! With the heating, this fat will protect from rust for a long time! * 2. Protect your exhaust destructive vibrations! Mount the springs with her, never let the hook with the game, and mount it on silent block! * 3 A pot that is polish! As soon as your exhaust begins to be in poor condition, disassemble, move it with a cloth and acetone, a shot of sandpaper from 600 to 8000, a second cloth shot with acetone and a good shot varnish, let dry 1 hour, put it on the machine that will let warm slowly to idle! Think always grease the parts that overheat! * 4- Recharge muffler, from time to time, remove your silent, clean the holes in the gun tube, change the wool if it is burned or full of oil! The wool should be tight but not too much, for less noise, go for ceramics with steel wool! You will put straw around the tube hole machine gun to protect your wool! Always remember not to turn too fat (percentage of oil 2 to 3% maximum 100m synthesis) and with good oil not as wool from filling up with oil.



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