Kit 70cc Ø46mm AIRSAL T3 W aluminum air Peugeot 103


The great torquey kit that does not require large equipment or fuss!

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manufacturers : AIRSAL

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Attention, not approved on road, only reserved with the competition.

Here is the AIRSAL T3 kit with admission W. This model is for Peugeot 103 mounted air cooling. Perform much better than 50cc and yet so inexpensive kit ... It was intended for performance, torque and especially preserving a maximum solidity with a simple installation! Clearly this kit does not require large equipment to function properly!

A relaxing escape or even original, a reinforced crankshaft (original or if the configuration is minimal) with a small carburetion 17mm PHBG (recommended) amply sufficient to do good work this cylinder. Admission W'll allow a formal quality improvement report by scanning a mere transfer back housings 2 or 3 transfers, it'll also help to have a wide inlet with a small back transfer, the system also works wonderfully on the casings 2 transfers first PEUGEOT generation. Lateral transfers are two in number, you will by a touch up your casings to align this kit, it works very well on original casings.

The piston is a model Bi segment with a bulging chrome for the top. The bi segment ralentiras the race and must offer more torque / strength in spite of the high speed. The piston has undergone a peening on the cap, this type of act is done to avoid detonation. The diagrams are quite high in relation to many 70cc market, oval exhaust is a normal model. In short, this high engine will be a good companion for the roads of the country which authorizes because it is very strong, torquey and his recovery is good! The increase in power next to a well clasped originally felt. A superb quality / price / performance.

We recommend to accompany this kit with at least: exhaust relaxing (or origin on small configue coupleuse), reinforced crankshaft bearings with C3 clearance (or origin so small configue) carburetion 17mm PHBG 19 PHBG + pipe + valves slide carbon 0.30mm (the carb 15mm little enough on small configue) index candle 9 at NGK, d.46mm yoke ( the POLINI fontione very well in the company of this kit). If you want to improve performance, a small alignment ring may be welcome with a fixation screw exhaust flange 2!

The pack contains:

X2 segments d.46mm X 1.5mm
X1 dual piston segment
X1 piston pin
X2 crab piston clips
X1 gasket
X1 admission T3 cylinder 70cc air W

!!! think to buy a cylinder base gasket !!!


Optional we offer a preparation course 1, this preparation is a modification of the channels and the exhaust port by increasing the charts and improvement of the duct, it increases the cylinder performance. Improved piston and bottom skirt is also included in the amendment. Allow a little extra time preparing for this view on the preparation!:

preparation Kit 70cc Ø46mm AIRSAL T3 W aluminium air Peugeot 103

vue preparation Kit 70cc Ø46mm AIRSAL T3 W aluminium air Peugeot 103

  • Cylindrée réelle 64,98cc (sur course 39,10mm)
  • Diagramme d'admission (transferts arrières): 111°
  • Diagramme d'admission (transferts latéraux): 118°
  • Diagramme d'échappement: 163°
  • Diamètre (Ø): 46mm
  • Echappement A bride 2 vis + filetage Ø32mm
  • Lumière d'échappement Ovale
  • Matière Aluminium
  • Nombre de segment Bi-segment (2 segments)
  • Nombre de transferts d'admission 5 transferts donc 3 borgnes W arrières
  • Refroidissement Air
  • Transferts a l'embase Comme l'origine (alignés aux carters d'origine)
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