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LOCTITE Silicone Gray Metal Joint Compound 80ml
  • LOCTITE Silicone Gray Metal Joint Compound 80ml

Dope Loctite Silicone Grey METALE 80ml


A paste joined upscale for strength and maximum tightness. This paste is resistant from -70 ° to 200 ° C without problems.

Caution requires a delay of more than 20 days


Ideal for refurbishing your seal (ignitions covers, transmission housings, oil, gearbox and other applications on the engine part ...). Here is the pasta tube joint LOCTITE metal gray color with excellent properties. Whether in terms of resistance, flexibility during installation or duration in time! Indeed, it can withstand various oils, lubricants and coolants. Regarding its temperature resistance, its range is - 70 ° C to 200 ° C (continuous) and 250 ° C max! The dough is not recommended for parts in continuous contact with fuel, it can be used by adding a pre-cut to the hand attached to existing amply improve sealing of the traditional joint. Clearly, a high quality product (large renowned brand) in terms of resistance and various applications.

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