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DELLORTO PHBG 21 CS 1 rigid carburettor, with separate lubrication, choke lever
  • DELLORTO PHBG 21 CS 1 rigid carburettor, with separate lubrication, choke lever

Carburettor DELLORTO PHBG 21 CS 1 rigid, with separate greasing, choke lever


The rigid version and choke lever 21mm DELLORTO PHBG!

Shipping in 1-3 days


If you want to preserve a low consumption while having more performance than a model SHA or other for the endurance or the road for example, the model PHBG has a very good compromise.


Photo du carburateur dellorto 21mm PHBG


This low cost carburetor is of very high quality and has a multitude of settings: richness screw, idle jet, needle bushel ... This model is the CS (also exists in BD model, AD, DS, DD , black edition, or BS), it is rigidly mounted with a choke lever, you can also pass it in choke cable without difficulties.


Photo du carburateur DELLORTO a levier 21mm PHBG CS


In relation to the SHA carburettor, this model is much more precise, performing at the recovery, acceleration and peak speed. This model has separate greasing.


Tip: accompany it with a pipe 21 or 19mm, slats of carbon valves, pipe a maximum aligned with the valves, you can simply use an original air filter but also a horn. Provide a range of nozzle 86 to 100 depending on the filter used.

The carburetor is delivered as such:
Main nozzle small standard pitch: 92
Needle W07
40 ° cup bushel
Needle hole AU 262
Idle jet 50
Choke nozzle 60
Float in 4 grams


These accessories can be changed for better settings, although these carburetors are very well pre-set. All spare parts and settings are here.


Summary :

Phbg CS template
Size 21mm
Diameter of fixing on pipe: Ø24mm
Mounting: rigid
Starter: lever (can also happen to cable)
Fixing diameter for air filter: 32mm threaded (we can also install tulips of different sizes)

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