Pack ITALKIT Racing 95cc Ø52mm (with crankshaft race 44 connecting rod 85mm) for mécaboite driving minarelli am6

A 100% complete competition pack for minarelli am6 engine! Special race 44 with ultra reinforced vilo, kit 95cc Ø52mm exhaust 32mm, bearings celerons, clutch springs, studs .... A pack perfectly designed to be assembled together for maximum power!

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manufacturers : ITALKIT

This product is no longer for sale!

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Not homologated on open road, only reserved for competition on circuit, run ..., closed road.

New in 2014, we announce the color: crankshaft very high-end Mazzuchelli (as the MHR BIG Bore) with forged connecting rod and Ø20mm bearings, cage in 12x17x15, very high quality steels, balancing in dynamic top, excellent diagrams, cylinder head incoming , excellent compression ratio, cooling studied with a semi-closed type cylinder, 32mm diameter exhaust with boosters, specifically cut skirt, 6 intake transfers with studied form, celerons bearings, stroke 44.00 with piston diameter Ø52mm , piston mono segment ITALKIT graphite, ....


Photo du cylindre  ITALKIT Racing 95cc Ø52mm (avec vilebrequin course 44 bielle 85mm) pour mécaboite moteur minarelli am6

The competition has to be quiet and is far behind on the most part of maxi-kits. Only downside of this pack, the lack of a rod of 90 mm! A real novelty of the great Spanish brand ITALKIT and now available from us, this pack 95cc ultra complete engine mounts on mécaboite Minarelli AM6. This set will give you all the power you need to distinguish yourself during competition and take first place.


Photo du pack ITALKIT Racing 95cc Ø52mm (avec vilebrequin course 44 bielle 85mm) pour mécaboite moteur minarelli am6

As usual, the brand ITALKIT is no exception to the rule by composing this pack of the best parts on the market today. The aluminum alloy cylinder has a specific heat treatment and an internal coating niquel / silica, giving it all its strength and reliability, any event! Equipped with no less than 9 lights including 6 transfers of admission, 2 boosters with worked forms and finally the impressive exhaust output by its shape and size to such an extent that the outlet diameter has been revised upwards and measures no less than Ø32mm (an exhaust ring is provided for the passage of an exhaust diameter Ø28mm).


Diagrammes du cylindre ITALKIT Racing 95cc Ø52mm (avec vilebrequin course 44 bielle 85mm) pour mécaboite moteur minarelli am6

That's not all, the cooling has also been completely revised and corrected to offer the best possible heat exchange and at the same time to obtain a significant performance gain, in fact less a motor runs out of steam and heats and the more the performances remain, to accompany this cylinder, a breech stud! High-end model, specially designed to offer maximum compression. The cylinder block is incoming and mounted on O-ring, the combustion chamber is frustoconical and has a polished finish very successful, smooth and clean.


Photo du vilebrequin course 44 bielle 85mm pour mécaboite moteur minarelli am6

The piston Ø52mm meanwhile is not chosen at random, it is a mono segment model from ITALKIT with graphite treatment. In other words, very high quality equipment whose fame / quality is second to none. This piston is equipped with a thin segment chrome thickness 1mm thus promoting the revving. Thanks to the graphite treatment, its forms and its composition, this piston has been very well designed and studied in order to offer a better thermal expansion, agreeing at the same time perfectly with this cylinder to withstand the frank revisions, brutal change of diets and extended endurance on circuit.


Pack ITALKIT Racing 95cc Ø52mm (avec vilebrequin course 44 bielle 85mm) pour mécaboite moteur minarelli am6

In the end, the special crankshaft race 44mm and connecting rod 85mm. This model is unique and again, very successful. It is perfectly balanced and cut in the best steels on the market. Its dynamic equilibration results from the inorganic compound to tungsten carbide. This material in summary is a combination of carbon and tungsten. It is a very dense material, very resistant and very hard.A new rod is also installed on this linkage, ultra reinforced model machined in the mass. Ultra light, it is really reserved for the competition!

It is this type of connecting rod that equips the real competition crankshafts BIDALOT or MALOSSI MHR BIG BORE and other rare vilo! Featherweight and maximum rigidity are at the rendezvous. Its lubrication is improved, the cage of small legs is increased for a better hold, treated silver and mounted on wedges anti-friction A crankshaft you will have understood, perfectly conceived and adapted to accompany this high engine, being able to support without no problem of the craziest engine speeds of up to 16,000 rpm and in combination with this cylinder and the race 44, the actual displacement is 93.44cc.

In summary, this pack / kit 95cc Ø52mm for your engine Minarelli AM6 will be a major asset to offer you assured victories and guaranteed sensations! Comes complete as presented, you can trust the photographs, they are contractual as usual.

We recommend you to accompany this pack with at least : a carburation of 28, a kit of admission in flexible assembly, ignition Selettra of ITALKIT with variable advance, candle cold NGK B105EGV, motor oil racing obligatory, exhaust of relaxation racing wholesale volumes strongly advised ....

This pack contains :

Ø52mm aluminum cylinder 6 transfers with heavy exhaust booster
-Piston ITALKIT graphite mono segment Ø52mm
-Cylinder head cover
-High compression cylinder head, incoming type frustoconical shape, polished finish
-Segment Ø52 end chrome thickness 1mm
-Piston reinforced piston Ø12 X 37mm
-Piston clips type G
Ultra-reinforced crankshaft long stroke 44mm super reinforced rod 85mm
-X2 Celeron bearings Ø20X47X14
-Silver needle silver Ø12X17X15mm
-Pack engine gasket with several base seals of different thicknesses
-X1 Centering pin for cylinder head
-Exhaust exhaust ring Ø32 to 28mm
-X4 Reinforced clutch springs
-X4 Reinforced studs M7X120mm
-Installation instructions

Technical summary :

- Work of original crankcases needed for transfers reviewed upwards
- Rear skirt of the specific cylinder
- Cooling: semi-closed liquid
- Compression ratio: nc
- Mounting at the exhaust: Ø32mm
- Exhaust diagram: nc
- Admission diagram (lateral transfers): nc
- Admission diagram (rear transfers): nc
- Displacement announced: 95cc
- Actual displacement: 93,44cc

Optionally we offer a stage 1 preparation, this preparation is a modification of the channels and exhaust light by increasing the diagrams and improving the pipe, it increases the performance of the cylinder. An improvement of the piston and skirt stocking is also included in this modification. Allow a little extra time for this preparation!

This high engine mounts on the following 50cc motorcycles with gearbox equipped with AMAR, AM4, AM5, AM6 euro 1, AM6 euro 2:

-APRILIA RS AM6 engine from 1997 to 2006 (after 2006, pay attention to the engines passed in DERBI euro 3)
-APRILIA RX engine AM6 (after 2006, pay attention to the engines passed in DERBI euro 3)
-APRILIA MX engine AM6 (after 2006, pay attention to the engines passed in DERBI euro 3)














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