Additive (cleaners, octane boosters ...) for HONDA Camino, px ...

Additive (cleaners, octane boosters ...) for HONDA Camino, px ...
Here you will find all the products for the treatment of gasoline as octane booster, injection cleaning, anti-moisture, wintering products ... Main products: OCTANE BOOSTER: Product to increase the octane content in gasoline, gasoline SP95 has a rating of 95, while 98 has an index 98. the products for the octane increase can increase from 5 to 10 points the degree of octane. Plus the octane, the higher the performance is high, plus it avoids rattling, therefore ideal for increasing the advance ignition. CLEANER INJECTION: cleaners can clean the entire circuit of the tank to the engine (via the injectors, carburetor ...), it removes dirt particles and various component also chasing the water. Ideal all 5000 10 000km! PRODUCTS WINTER: Ideal for those who do not drive often, 2 wheelers who do not drive a lot is not good, the injection system clogs, gasoline loses octane .. . so let wintering products to protect and facilitate user without restarting or break the motor.



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