Brake Fluids moped, mob ...

Brake Fluids moped, mob ...
Here you will find all the brake fluid and clutch for your 50cc motorcycle. It is important to have some knowledge when buying a brake fluid. You often see DOT1, DOT2, DOT 3, DOT 4 ... The DOT is the standard that respects the brake fluid, the higher the DOT, the higher it is efficient and quality! This however is not the only parameter to consider. You should know that if your brake fluid cap indicates eg DOT 3, you have to put a minimum of DOT 3, but you can also put the DOT4 DOT5 or higher! Why must you change your brake fluid? A brake fluid wears over time, up moisture and loses its properties, it'll lead to entry into boiling at a lower temperature than normal, into a boiling = lasts brakes or no brakes at all! A new DOT4 resistant to 270 ° C for example, will no longer support that 170 ° C once used (wet). A wet liquid'll also result in seizure of the caliper, master cylinder ... We recommend to drain the brake fluid every year simply by clearing 5 or 6 fluid reservoir by adding new each time (in purge emptying the jar, fill with new ... Repurger emptying, return of nine ...)! This will remove the air with ease and maintain the circuit all year! Outside the DOT, more liquid quality is, if you drive every day on the road in standard or slightly sporty drive with a 2 original wheels or even prepared. Select a good quality liquid in a standard DOT as shown on your 2 wheel. However if you ride in competition, that you drive very sport that you have racing brake pads (which develop much heat). So select a high-end liquid with the highest DOT in good company platelets, good brake disc, and why not an aviation brake hose, it will offer a high-performance braking, endurance and precise !



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