4 stroke oils

4 stroke oils
Here you will find all 4 stroke motorcycle oils for engine scooter ... In all grades, from simple motor racing oil has the most to protect the engine and providing the best possible performance there for all users and all engines! Namely: an engine oil has nothing to do with oil 2 times, 2 time is consumed by the engine and must be mixed in gasoline, oil 4 time is stored in the engine, and is often filtered be drained when worn (too black so overloaded engine wear particles) or too old. The role of the oil 4 time is to protect the mechanical parts of the various frictions, and this regardless of the required load to the motor, regardless of the temperature at which pushes the engine (it just go to 120/130 ° C on some pushed or oil cooled engines is bad). How to choose engine oil? We must first differentiate the two types of existing oils, mineral cheapest and least efficient and most expensive synthetic, high-performance and protective. According to the oil performance, it contains additives and protects your engine more or less, a very good 100% synthetic oil will protect your engine even if it is very hot, it will save a maximum friction and wear, more it will make less steam (which will lower your minimum octane rating and your oil consumption). How to select the engine oil grade? For less connoisseurs, so refer to the grade recommended by the manufacturer simply by selecting a good performance 100% synthetic. You should know that oil has 2 degrees, a cold (before W) and a hot (after W), for example 15W50 mean that oil is 15 cold and 50 hot. More cold grade (0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W) is small, the oil is fluid at negative temperatures, and it is easy to start the engine in cold weather. More hot-grade (20, 30, 40, 50, 60), the higher the oil is viscous at high temperature (100 ° C), and it ensures proper engine protection in severe applications. -Here therefore the parameters taken into account, not to forget a very viscous oil hot (take the example of a 15W50) certainly protect the engine as it should be hot (it should be more careful cold) and be less likely to be consumed by it, but it also must offer more resistance to the engine (small loss of power possible, additional fuel consumption possible). -An Oil less viscous (take the example of a 0W30) offer the making of a little less careful cold engine, it will also offer all the freedom in the engine, minimal fuel consumption, better performance is possible high speed, but will likely hurt protect your engine and be consumed by an engine that segmentation or slightly worn valve stem seals! Let us remember that a racing engine, prepared or pushed, the choice of oil is very important, but also the choice of equipment for the well to circulate and maintain a suitable temperature which does not exceed 100 / 110 ° C in the ideal (oil cooler, oil temperature measurement, oil pressure gauge, pump speed oil ...).



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