kit 110cc PARMAKIT racing cylinder head has stud Ø55mm aluminium (special race 46mm rod 85mm) for minarelli am6

manufacturers : PARMAKIT

437,47 € tax incl.

Attention, part not approved on road, reserved exclusively for the circuits, runs…

Here a completely exceptional kit, although there exists since already a good number of years, this kit was never yet copied nor equalized with dimensions rolled driving… Indeed, with its diameter of 55mm and its race crankshaft of 46mm, this kit does not offer less real 109,28cc! This model is for rod 85mm (also exists in for rod 90mm).

The rod 85mm offers more pre compression because the piston/cylinder is of it 5mm readier driving bottom in report/ratio with the model rod 90mm. Moreover, the way of gases is as shorter on the model rod 85mm as the model rod 90mm. However the model rod 90mm will release slightly more high mode (less sustained pressure rod).

 The assembly is completely possible on minarelli am6 but attention, it will be necessary all the same tools and good bases of mechanical knowledge for you! Machining to make pass the obligatory foot of cylinder, to make also pass the crankshaft, obligatory engine preparation in order to align… The assembly will not be a simple assembly of parts but really a work complexes which must be carried out properly.

PARMAKIT lengthily studied the part before leaving it, they put certainly a boring of Ø55mm in this cylinder but the thickness of skirt is still very correct point of view of solidity (2,25mm thickness). This large boring requires obviously obligatorily a long race to speak…

 In spite of the race of 46mm planned for this cylinder, one moves away largely from the engine says square! The very high modes thus cannot beings reached, we will play on the couple to the extreme. The cylinder was very worked, 5 transfers of admission are present, only one for the back (one knows all which the back transfer is used almost only with activation valves and sweeping…), the side ones are thus 4 and they very bulky, are raised on before bottom like the majority of the cylinder hyper racing of famous brand.

Level exhaust, PARMAKIT chose the exhaust has booster rocket, it is adapted the most to the couple of the animal, a large exhaust has booster rocket drawn very well is thus on this cylinder. The piston is a true vertex in mono fine segment (1mm) in order to release the high mode well. It is a piston has low convex cap. This run piston makes a weight of 141 grams (complete with axis/segment/clips).

 For the cylinder head, it is necessary well to extract heat from this thermal group (especially seen the race 46mm which still raises heating) PARMAKIT thus chose a cylinder head has stud. Stud of cylinder head machined in the top-of-the-range aluminium mass, the room is a model adapted very well to the piston/cylinder, its form is hemispherical polished completion, the stud is entering in order to be sour that alignment is always good with the tenth.

 The entering stud as well avoids breakages of cylinder head gaskets! Cylinder head covers is him also studied very well and has excellent maintains! In short… We could spend the hours has to speak to you about this pretty monster which us left the large PARMAKIT, this kit was really neat until the cut of skirt in comma for the improvement of the filling…

 The whole is really a whole of quality, neat, of large study. We will have only 2 small reproaches has to make, the exit exhaust remains in Ø28mm, however, a great Ø34mm minimum would be obligatory to pose the adequate exhaust… With the example of packs BIDALOT FM and other TPR aluminium 86cc which pass already in Ø32mm.

This small reproach will not stop the good preparer which will be able to make speak this kit… We also strongly appreciated the well defined diagrams in connection with the unit.

We recommend this kit with: crankshaft PARMAKIT race 46mm axis 12mm rod 85mm, carburation 28mm minimum and of quality with valves/pipe… Bearings reinforced, good cooling, complete preparation, powerful lighting, well reinforced clutch, cold spark plug…

The pack contains:

X1 stud of cylinder head

X1 pack joint with 3 joints of base plate for squish

X1 covers cylinder head

X1 rolls 5 transfer aluminium nykasil d.55mm for rod 85mm race 46mm

X1 piston vertex d.55mm mono segment

X1 segment d.55mm X 1mm chrome hard curvature

X1 centers piston 12mm

X2 clips of standard piston crab

X1 note

Self-adhesive X1

Spare parts:

pack joint with 3 joints of base plate for squish

cylinder head

piston vertex d.55mm mono segment

segment d.55mm X 1mm chrome hard curvature

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