Motor casings driving support built-in POLINI small pack Peugeot 103 sp, mv, mvl, lm…

manufacturers : POLINI

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The very known ones and famous casings POLINI for PEUGEOT 103 sp, mv, mvl, lm,… Attention, they do not assemble on PEUGEOT 103 SPX/RCX/CLIP… For those which are eager to pose casings POLINI on their Peugeot 103 but which also wish to pose bearings top-of-the-range as the pack than we make, who also wish to pose pins and a pedal of top-of-the-range launcher like the MALOSSI and finally of the joint spy of better quality as the TNT we propose these “naked” casings.

 They are thus complete casings but without bearings, spy, pins and without pedal of launcher. This with the advantage of leaving you part of the different material, but also of being much less expensive! They lay out all the same all that there is on the photograph, has to know: screws and bolts, 2 pipes of admission of different sizes (for SHA 15mm and for PHBG 17,5 with 19mm), a bonding strip, a driving spring of adjustable competition, a support of muffler and supports arises driving, note…

 The admission is thus rather large, it will be able to accept a carburettor 21mm without difficulties, the admission with dimensions casing micro is billée in the code of practices and the passage crankshaft polished correctly. Architecture is re-examined and corrected for a better arrival/diffusion, more pre compression by comblage of dead volumes… Obviously the transfers of the casings are designed to be associated has a large kit. The pipes are however polished in interior and not microbillée, thing qu `a good preparer will re-examine with the micro ball testing before assembly!

 The valves are assembled with 2 plates is a division of 0,35mm thickness out of fibre, they have stop plates alas not bored. Have will strongly appreciate the driving support built-in with the casings and assembled on silentblocs rigid!

Level power, with a good kit, a good carburation and variation, to say as much to you that there is what to fly away in connection with the very bad casings Peugeot 103 origin which have an architecture, a sweeping and very bad and badly studied admission. We will regret a rather fragile alloy, therefore the care must be present during the assemblies/disassemblings!

We advise at least to accompany these casings: crankshaft reinforced out of normal silks, kit rolls/piston/cylinder head racing, carburettor of 15 with 21mm, candle racing, air filter racing…

The pack contains:
2 motor casings of competition
1 driving spring of adjustable competition
1 bonding strip
1 rod of driving spring
1 pack screws and bolts
1 pack paper gasket
1 limps with valves of competition
1 pipe of admission 15mm
1 pipe of admission 17,5 with 19mm

Spare parts:

Pack joint

Arises driving

Pipe of admission Ø 15

Pipe of admission Ø 17,5/19mm

Limp with valves


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